Tiong Bahru

the past, present and the future

ABOUT TIONG BAHRU (Interview findings)

TIONG BAHRU is an estate that describes the past and present of Singapore. It is a modern yet a vintage neighbourhood estate which some people have been living in all their life while others come here to either work or to hang out.


here are some of the sketches of KIM TIAN RD from our group members

Research of tiong bahru for the past, present and the future

In 1925, this area was declared unsanitary and designated for improvement. A lot of effort was put into designing the estate with a series of flats that are visually pleasing. One notable feature of Tiong Bahru estate is that all its streets are named after Chinese pioneers of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Not many people could afford to live in tiong bahru because it was taken by the rich and upper class people. Today, Tiong Bahru is a place filled with foreigners and residents who have been living here for all their life. The houses are more affordable for the middle class people today. In the future, tiong bahru estate will not be the same it is today and the past as it will be redelevoped into a city area.