US Declares War on Germany

By: Cheryl Dronet

US Gives loans to Allies

During World War 1, America was wanting to stay neutral within it and not get into anything. They did not help themselves because they were giving loans to the Allies. After they got caught doing this they were caught within everyone and got pulled into the war.

Zimmerman Telegram

The Zimmerman telegram was used to communicate throughout all over. This makes it so America and other countries could communicate without marching or traveling all over. This lead countries to gain up on each other and this was one of the last straws for America to join the war.

Sussex Pledge

The Sussex Pledge was when America was convincing Britain to stop their blockade. This was when their Navy would bomb any boat in sight, even if they were allies. America would try and come over and their men would be killed, therefore they stopped the blockade.
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America was committed to believe that they were going to stay neutral for this war. After a while they realized that it was not this way and they were leaning towards the allied side instead of the Central powers. They finally decided that their side was right for them and joined in.