Straight Bridge

Science Inquiry- Group 3 PM


Popsicle sticks, rocks, marbles, toothpicks, cardboard boxes, marshmallows, sugar cubes, scissors, pipe cleaners, tape, wooden sticks, glue

Our Justifications

We chose these materials because they were sturdy and would help hold the bridge together.  The popsicle sticks were used to make a ramp for the car.  We used the marshmallows, rocks and marbles for decoration.  The toothpicks were used to keep the box from falling down.  The sugar cubes and pipe cleaners were a guide for the car to turn around.    

Next Time We Would...

Make a ramp on the front end of the bridge.  We had one for the back, but forgot to put one in the front, so the car could not get up on the bridge.

Members in Our Group:

LaStar, Rylie, Omar, Jayson (J.J.)