Columbine Shooting

April 20, 1999

What happened?

The Columbine shooting took place in Littleton, Colorado. This shooting was a very planned out event by two teenagers that said they had been bullied. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold began shooting outside of the school then started inside after shooting at people outside of the school. When they first arrived at school they brought inside the cafeteria two big duffel bags with propane bombs in them at around 11:17 am. then ran to their cars. But when they noticed it didn't go off that's when they went inside to start shooting and killing people. After killing several people they turned their guns to themselves around 12:00 pm.


  • This event is known as one of the most deadliest school shooting in history.
  • 12 students were killed and one teacher
  • An addition 21 students were injured
  • Investigators read through Eric's and Dylan's journals and discovered that they had been planning this shooting for a year similar to the attack in Oklahoma in 1995.
  • After the massacre the school completely demolished the library- being that was where most of the deaths and shootings took place at.

The Aftermath

After the massacre the students finished their classed at Chatfield Senior High for 3 weeks. This event has changed schools completely. We now have more safety and gun control rules. It also brought up the discussion of cliques and outcasts and also bullying. Also it brought up violence in movies and music for the youth.