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Last Newsletter of 2021

Administrator's Message

Dear BOS Parents and Families,

Thank you for an amazing year! Please note below information on what to do with devices and hotspots.

We would like to introduce you to the BOES and BOSS staff who are joining us so far for next year. All returning BOS teachers from this school year! We will continue to hire throughout the summer as well as add sections as enrollment numbers increase:

Boise Online Elementary (BOES)

1st/2nd Combo: Katie Mason

3rd grade: Lisa Stitt

4th/5th Combo: Jennifer Jarvis

6th grade: David Abril

Boise Online Secondary School (BOSS)

Math: Shannon Brubaker

English: Hester Comstock

Social Studies: Carly Hill

BOS Administration

Principal K-12: Tammy Burks

Registrar: Larisa Ryabokon

If questions arise over the summer, feel free to reach out to Tammy Burks at

Office will reopen on July 19

Have a wonderful summer Badgers!

Computers and Hot Spots

BOS students may keep their computers and hotspots over the summer. Students should take them (and their chargers) back to school in the Fall.

  • Hotspot service will be disabled over the summer. You can re-activate your own service on the hotpot through T-Mobile.
  • Parents who do not want to keep their device over the summer, those moving out of district and graduating Seniors, can return their student's device to the DSC or their home school attention Deb Jackson.

  • Please be sure to keep your computers charged over the summer to help protect battery life.
  • Allowing a lithium ion battery to completely discharge for long periods of time can permanently damage the battery.
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BOS Values

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Need Technology Help?

Technology HelpDesk

If you need help with your district chromebook, please contact our support team, you can reach us at 208-854-6670 or visit our Help Desk Website.