Fidel Castro

By Amanda & Natalie

Biography of Fidel Castro

Born on August 13, 1926, in Biran, Cuba. Fidel Castro was a very powerful man, in Cuba he started off as the prime minister of Cuba, then later in the year 1976 he became the president of Cuba. Fidel was a powerful and harsh man, but he also helped the people out too. He helped open 10,000 new schools and he also helped the universal healthcare with decreasing it 1.1%. But on the other hand Fidel Castro was a nasty man, they say that many cubans considered him a monster who destroyed Cuba and then others consider him a visionary who saved Cuba from the horrors of capitalism. Castro was looked at as a dictator of Cuba, with the passion and hatred that he had a lot of the Cubans were afraid of him. Castro was good with his words, he got people to go with what he was saying, he was powerful. He caused a lot of hate in his country, he took away a lot of the rights that the people had, the right to strike, independent news papers were shutdown, religious institutions were harassed, he took everything away from these people, blinding them from what he is really doing. Fidel was good with his words, getting people to follow him.

May 1, 1961

This is a propaganda poster of the May day celebration in 1961 a 'Cuba is a Socialist Nation.' This shows a picture of Fidel Castro showing his power, and letting people know about his May 1st speech. Castro puts himself out there for all to see. He tries to build his people up for pride and make them think he's doing the right thing. In his May day speech he repeats the wonderful things he is going to do, although in the same sentence he tells them he'll be taking away all of their rights.

Cuba Socialist Nation Poem

There had to be a period for abolition of the privileges.

There is no chance for the exploiting class to regain power.

There is no sadder picture than a defeated revolution.

There is no middle ground.

There is still a small plague of middleman.

Long live the nation!

Essential Question

Did Fidel Castro take care of the people, or did he treat them poorly?