Hearst Weekly Update

April 26, 2020

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Principal's Message

Good evening, Owls,

This week marks another learning packet pick up and we'll be at school from 8:30am-2:00pm on Tuesday and Wednesday so you can stop by to get the Weeks 6 & 7 at home learning materials. On both days, we'll also be distributing devices to those who asked to borrow them. DCPS is projecting the hot spots will be delivered to Hearst on Tuesday afternoon, so if you're borrowing a hot spot, we will let you know by 3pm on Tuesday, 4/28, whether or not we'll have them available for pick up on Wednesday, 4/29. If you are picking up devices or hot spots this week, there will be paperwork for you to complete and we ask that you bring your own pen to do this so we can minimize the spread of any germs. We also ask all families coming to pick up any learning materials at the school to wear masks for your safety and the safety of everyone in the building. One final note is that on Tuesday and Wednesday, we'll have a box in the atrium in which you can return books borrowed from the Hearst library.

With the end of Term 3 last Friday, I'm asking you to complete the Term 3 Survey in the coming days. We've updated the questions from Terms 1 and 2 to reflect our at home learning situation and I hope that you will share your anonymous thoughts and ideas with us. Thank you in advance for doing so!

You'll see below in the Upcoming Key Dates that we have added events through May 29, the last day of this school year for students. More information about things such as Parent-Teacher Conference Day on May 22, picking up student belongings, and last day of school celebrations will be shared in the coming weeks.

Please reach out to let us know how we can continue to support you and your family in the coming weeks.

In partnership,


News and Announcements from Hearst

Quick Updates

  • Reminder: Outside of the days when we are distributing work packets and learning materials, the school building is closed and no one is answering the phone at Hearst. If you want to get in touch with staff, please email or connect through Bloomz or Teams. Email addresses for all staff can be found here:http://www.hearstes.org/faculty_staff_directory.

Upcoming Key Dates

  • Tuesday, April 28 - Weeks 6 & 7 Packet & Device Pick Up, 8:30am - 2:00pm
  • Wednesday, April 29 - Weeks 6 & 7 Packet, Technology, & Hot Spot Pick Up, 8:30am - 2:00pm
  • Tuesday, May 12 - Tentative Weeks 8, 9, & 10 Packet Pick Up, 8:30-2:00; Term 3 Report Cards Mailed Home
  • Wednesday, May 13 - Tentative Weeks 8, 9, & 10 Packet Pick Up, 8:30-2:00
  • Friday, May 22 - Parent Teacher Conference Day
  • Monday, May 25 - Memorial Day Holiday
  • Tuesday, May 26 - Thursday, May 28 - Student Item Pick Up
  • Friday, May 29 - Last Day of School

Hearst's Distance Learning Plan

Weeks Six and Beyond (4/27 - 5/29)

We will continue to modify the ELA and math work in the DCPS packets to address where our students are in their learning. Starting this week, we'll be doing a modified version of the writer's workshop that kids experienced when we were learning at school. This will include introducing opinion writing, providing anchor charts and writing checklists for students to reference, and a creating few how to/try this video lesson that we will incorporate into the writing work in the DCPS packets. Based on feedback from students, families, and staff, we have determined that we will not be modifying the science content in the packets. If students have questions about the science material, their homeroom teacher (PK-2), math/science teacher (3rd-5th), and/or Mr. Munz is available to support.

During office hours, staff will continue to focus on live individual or small group Teams videoconferencing or phone meetings with all students. They will check in with kids (and you!) and answer questions related to work packets or materials that have been posted in Teams. Staff may record videos that students can access when convenient to your families. These videos may be used to: host Morning Meeting, present content to supplement or clarify information in the work packets, make announcements, organize student groups, and facilitate online asynchronous discussion forums. As a reminder, we are not engaging in synchronous/live whole or large group meetings or instruction at this time because of the equity challenges this presents for many in our community.

Talking to Kids About Coronavirus and the End of School

Below is a message from Ms. Brown, Ms. Nishimura, and Ms. Dewerd:

Hello all! We wanted to provide some guidance on how to talk to kids about the Coronavirus and school closure, for those who may need a little support.

First, be aware of where you are emotionally, with all of the changes that we are currently experiencing. It's ok to feel and show sadness. Much like we model desired behaviors, problem solving and coping in the classroom, this can be equally as effective at home. Amidst managing everything going on at home, try to take a moment to acknowledge how you feel.

Ask your kids what they are thinking or feeling and what are the questions they have. Acknowledge their feelings as well. Depending upon their age or development give them language for their feelings. "It really sounds like you're feeling (sad, disconnected from your friends, scared, nervous, angry, optimistic, confused, uncertain, etc.)" Let them know that's OK.

Stick to the facts when communicating about Covid19 (information provided by the CDC). Be sure to not overwhelm kids with too much information.

It's ok to not have all the answers and to say "I am not sure about that." If it's something you can find out, let them know you will get back to them with an answer. If it's a question that may not have an answer, you can say "We don't know the answer to that yet but there are a lot of professionals working to better understand this illness and develop treatments."

When talking about school closure, build upon conversations you've already had about the importance of social distancing to maintain safety. Let them know that again, "there are many professionals who are gathering information every day to try to make the best decisions on our behalf. They (the professionals, lawmakers etc) have decided that the best way to keep kids, parents, and teachers safe is to close school for the rest of the school year. This decision is definitely making us all feel many different ways!" Ask them how it makes them feel. If all of their feelings are sad or negative, again, acknowledge that. Ask if they see any advantages or positives to the decision. If not, share some of the advantages: "we will be safer by staying home and have more family time." Talk to them about successes/ accomplishments that they or your family have already experienced during this time.

Lastly, talk to kids about what we WILL do versus what we're missing. We will continue to stay connected by phone and video calls. We will make sure we get some movement in every day (walks together, family hikes, family yoga, gardening). We will also keep checking in with each other. Our feelings may change and fluctuate from happy to hopeless, so let kids know that you will be checking in with them and that they can always come to you with questions, thoughts or feelings. You can also ask if there is anyone else they feel comfortable talking to. They may like talking to a grandparent, aunt, uncle or family friend about these things. When you know, you can provide more opportunities for them to speak to other trusted adults.

Most importantly, allow yourself some grace and compassion! Take care of yourself! Keep sharing and keep asking for help! Take a moment each day to think of something you're thankful for.

Below is a social story about Coronavirus that may be helpful to share with your child and here is a link to a great article about talking to kids about the Coronavirus: https://childmind.org/article/talking-to-kids-about-the-coronavirus/

If your concerns are more specific, for example, addressing the death of a loved one due to Covid19, please reach out for more targeted resources (tandra.brown2@k12.dc.gov, brenda.nishimura@k12.dc.gov). Your emails are confidential and we will respond within 24 hours or the next business day.

News and Announcements from DCPS

At Home Learning in Weeks 6 & 7

  • Learning plans for students and families are live on Canvas in our Distance Learning course(bit.ly/DCPS_ICP).
  • Learning at Home Videos on YouTube and TV: Check out the DCPS YouTube channel to explore dedicated playlists by grade level or subject matter, as well as the DCPS Storytime seriesfeaturing books for young readers. These video learning opportunities also air on local cable. Tune in each weekday on DKN or DCTV for lessons in music, art, social studies, ELA, and more! Lessons broadcast from 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. (end times may vary). Families can watch on the following channels:
    • Comcast: 95, 96, 99
    • RCN: 10, 11, 18
    • Verizon: 10, 12

Enrolling for School Year 2020-2021

We are thrilled to share that the DCPS Enrollment Team will launch an electronic submission process for families to complete enrollment into DCPS for School Year 2020-2021 (SY20-21) on Monday, April 27. More information about how to enroll will be shared by DCPS tomorrow, so stay tuned!

News and Announcements from Other Organizations

The next Ward 3 - Wilson Feeder Education Network Meeting

Since our children have distance learning, we can have distance meetings. W3Ednet's next meeting is Monday, May 11 at 7pm on Zoom (see details below). We are very happy to host Karen Cole, DCPS Deputy Chief of Academic and Creative Empowerment, to talk about distance learning. Hope that you can join us. All are welcome.

Join Zoom Meeting https://jh.zoom.us/j/96151856577?pwd=dVlRL3RGWE03V1VhWVNnUkQ2UW5qQT09

Meeting ID: 961 5185 6577

Password: 147366

One tap mobile +16465189805,,96151856577#,,#,147366# US (New York) +16468769923,,96151856577#,,#,147366# US (New York)


Brian and Melody

Co-Chairs, W3EdNet


The Ward 3 - Wilson High School Feeder Pattern Education Network (W3EdNet) is a group made up of PTO Board and LSAT members as well as other interested community members. We aim to work together to support schools in the Wilson feeder pattern, host community events of common interest, and advocate for better schools across the city.