Julia E. Test Middle School

Richmond Community Schools

City of Richmond Data

The population of the City of Richmond is 36,345. The income per capita is $19,849 while the median family income is $32,863. The citizens of Richmond graduate high school at a 79.5% rate and 17.2% graduate college.

Test Intermediate Schools

"Richmond Community Schools guide students on pathways of learning to a future of limitless possibilities."
  • Student Population- 435
  • Breakdown by ethnicity-
  • American Indian-1
  • Asian/Pacific Islander-10
  • Black-43
  • Hispanic-19
  • White-333
  • Two or more races-49
  • Student to teacher ratio-11.76
  • Is a Title I school which means that the school receives financial assistance because of having high percentages of students from low income families.
  • Free lunch-54.7%
  • Reduced lunch- 10.1%

Test Middle School Statistics

Per Pupil Expenditure
Teacher Salaries
Average minimum is $33,646 which is higher than the state average.
Average maximum is $66,772 which is lower than the state average.
Test Scores
ECA Math- 64.8% pass rate
ECA Language Arts- 72% pass rate
ISTEP Math 8th grade- 80.6%
ISTEP Language Arts- 72.2%
Expulsions and Suspensions
138 suspended
22 expelled
Attendance Rate
Graduation Rate