Save The Whales

The Issues

Before whaling became a common practice, hundreds of thousands of blue whales swam our oceans. Today, experts estimate there are only a few thousand. Though whaling has been banned, whales are struggling to recover, running into more threats like collisions with ships and fishing entanglement due to pollution that can injure or kill them. These same factors threaten whale species around the world.

Every day Whales are endangered by pollution, Whalers, and other unhealthy factors of today's world. Countless whales are caught in nets causing them to go for long periods with out food and be separated from family. Many organization work daily to save and protect them each day but their small efforts aren't enough. Everyone can help, and they need us to!
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What Can You Do?

• Use your consumer power to demand PBDE-free products. Choose furniture, carpet and electronic products that do not use these hazardous chemicals.
• Reduce the use of hazardous chemicals by choosing household cleaners, pesticides and fertilizers which are not toxic to your surroundings. If chemicals are toxic to the oceans, they are also a danger to you and your family. Support companies that make clean products and consume less pesticide-dependant foods thereby reducing the amount of pesticides used.
• Compost your household, kitchen and yard wastes, which makes an excellent fertilizer.
• Never burn treated wood and trash. This releases POP’s into the environment.
• Recycle all electronic equipment responsibly.
• Never pour any oil or other chemicals onto the ground or into drains. Many of these chemicals make their way to the ocean. Even if you live far from the ocean, the chemicals from your area can be transported to the ocean in streams and rivers. Maintain your vehicles to prevent oil from leaking onto the road which will then go down a drain and into the water.
• Recycle all oil and chemicals. Most communities have recycling centers that will accept used oil and other chemicals for recycling.
• Your Voice counts. Citizens can also petition their governments to restrict the emission / dumping of toxic contaminants into the environment.