Maurice Soles

by Brooke Langley

Basic Facts

Birthday: July 25, 1941

Years lived: 70

Place of Birth: Clinton, Tennessee

Occupation: Was a member of the Clinton 12

Did you know?

She was one of the fist black students to go to an all white school along with 11 other students

Character Trait

she wasn't afraid of the protesters that were yelling at the Clinton 12 to leave their school

she is an inspiration to others cause back then was when the Jim Crow laws were in order but she was a part of the 12 kids that were ready to stand up

About the clinton 12

In the summer of 1956, Clinton High School admitted the first black students into classes since the landmark Supreme Court decision on Brown v. The Board of Education in 1954. Located in the eastern Tennessee city of Clinton, Clinton High School was among the southern educational institutions that preserved segregation in schools.
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