By: Lucas Lopez-Isabello

Oscar Vazquez vs Cristian Arcega

Oscar Vazquez and Cristian Arcega had similarities and differentiates in their life. One Similarity they both have is that they both crossed to the US Illegal. That can bring us to a differentiates. Oscar crossed the border Illegally when he was twelve, on the other hand Cristian crossed it when he was a toddler. Cristian would be describe as very smart or a nerd. Oscar would be more describe as adhere, that he has persistence and that he is very ventures. Oscar became a US citizen because of his adhere personality, while Cristian is still an illegal immigrant. Another similarity they both have is that they both were in the Carl Hayden Robotics Team.

The Triumphant of the Carl Hayden Robotics Team

The Carl Hayden Robotics team was very triumphant. The underwater dreams for the Carl Hayden Robotics team started with four teenagers who wanted to be in an underwater robotics competition. They lived in Phoenix Arizona, in the middle of the dessert. They had two Coaches, Fredi and Allan. They build an awesome underwater ROV and got first place beating MIT and other very good collages.
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Adversity to the Donner party

The adversity that the Donner party faced was that they ventured into the wrong trail. They were out of food. Because of this almost half of the people in the party died, but they keep on persevering in till they reach California.
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Donner party Steps to overcome Adversity

There were a lot of things that the Donner party did to overcome adversity but if you read this article you are only going to only learn about then most important that got them out of the valley were they were trapped. The Donner party send ventures men and women to go to California and get help. They left out of the valley with limited supplies and in the middle of winter. Finally they got three rescue teams and rescued the survivors of the horrible tragedy.
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Adversities of Ponyboy and Johnny

One adversity they had was that they killed a boy. All of his town knew that they were criminal. To overcome their Adversity they ventured and escape the town and lived in an old Chapel with some cigarettes 1 book and little food and money. Ponyboy died his hair blond so we wouldn't be found.
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