Wanted : Amoeba

Scientific name Acanthamoeba polyphaga

Common name Amoeba

Amoeba get energy from it food
  • Amoeba feeds on metozoa, protozoa, plant cells, bacteria and other microorganisms.

  • Amoebas moves by changing the shape of their body forming pseudopods
    Amoeba can be found in:


    ▪sail water

    ▪fresh water

    Be on the look out:
  • ✴Amoeba does not have stomach. As such, the digestion of the food takes place in a number of vacuoles inside the cell. Certain vacuoles also perform the function of excretion by eliminating waste from the cell.

  • ✴When the amoeba eats its prey, the prey remains alive inside the amoeba for some time.

  • ✴The amoeba wards off predators and other amoebas by secreting a chemical.