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Parker C 7th

What everybody says!

"Live,laugh,love"People would always say this because there is a lot of people that do drugs.Drugs are vary popular in some parts of the world.Kids are starting to learn the cons of drugs.Teenagers think it is the best thing ever they do not understand the cons about there drugs they take.
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Why do teens take drugs?

Teens think that even someone like a doctor cant be wrong so when a doctor tells them to use this medicine that does not mean they need it.Teenagers think there really cool so they take drugs to impress there friends.Teens also take drugs to improve there ability to be an athlete.
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What are bad things about drugs?

People all the time take some kind of drug ,even if thy are having a child.

People could pass out anywhere and if not treated could possibly die.

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What are good things about drugs?

Drugs can really help people survive.People are all different so we all have different

items that can go into are body .Natrual drugs are really healthy for you.

How are drugs sold?

People deal drugs by waiting for people in allies or putting them in bags and hiding them for the people drugging .People work for money to sell all kinds of drugs for there bosses that give the money to them.
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What is inside drugs?

Inside of drugs there are supplements of alcohol , and caffeine and aspirin.
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how many people die from drugs each year?

The estimate for the amount of people die from drugs is about 1,000 people each year!
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