bullied no more


reason for girls getting builled

  1. being shy or socially awkward
  2. having a learning disability
  3. overweight or very skinny
  4. new to school
  5. don't have friends or very many

how many girls die each year from bullys

  1. 4,400
  2. over 14 percent of high school students considered suicide
  3. 7 percent of 14 have attempted
  4. 10-14 year old girls are even higher risk for suicide

ask your kid if there getting bullied & or considering suicide


better to be worried for safety then not safe at all

is it common

  • 30 percent of teens have been involved in bulling
  • 10% of teens are bullied regularly

why do people bully

  • social & family issues
  • low self esteem
  • themselves

what are the effects

  • physical & emotional
  • depression &suicide
  • drug uses