Ancient Greece

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The Greek Gods

The greek gods were an importanat event in history.How your life took course told you if the gods favored you or not.The 12 main gods were...Zeus-god of thunder and storms, Hera-goddess of marriage, Posiden-god of the seas, Aphrodite-goddess of love and beauty, Ares-god of war, Hephestus-god of metalwork and fire, Apoll-god of music and proficesand the sun, Artimes-goddess of the hunt and the moon, Hermes-god of theft and travel, dionises-god of wine and madness,Athena-goddessof wisedom, and Demter-goddess of the harvest.

And some monsters

Centar-half human half horse Chimera-a lion with the tail of a snake and back of a goat Empousia-a femal "vampire" demon with bronze legs and donkeys feet Furies-they havesnakes for hair, dog heads, coal black bodies, bat's wings, and blood-shot eyes. Manticore-Half lioin half human with a scorepian tail Hidra-a giant reptial with 100 heads Sirens-three beautiful women that lurd sailers to the dealths Circe-a sorceress that turned men into animals scylla-a monster with 6 heads and 12 hands