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Carleton Shuffle - One Week Away

Just a reminder…the Carleton Shuffle is just 1 week away! We need your help!

We hope for this to be our ONLY MAJOR FUNDRAISER for the year. So please help your child raise money to support Carleton. This is a great event for all students to participate in. Students will get to run or walk for 15 minutes and receive a treat & water to help raise money for our school. We are hoping all families could make a donation, by giving money yourself, or asking friends and family to make a donation. Donations can be dropped off to the main office. Please include your child's name and a t-shirt size if the donation is $25 or more.

The money we raise, pays for opportunities and resources that state funds do not cover such as: classroom/technology enhancements, media center supplies, honor roll rewards, band, sports, after school activities, 8th grade farewell, teacher appreciation lunch, and other events. Please consider a donation to Carleton Middle School.

Here are the rewards for the different levels of donations sent in: For a $5 donation your child will get a Carleton water bottle; a $15 donation they will be entered into a prize raffle and get a water bottle; for $25 they will get Carleton Shuffle t-shirt, be in the prize raffle and get a water bottle; for $50 the student will get to "slime" the principal during a school assembly, get a t-shirt, water bottle and be in the small prize raffle and for $100 donation they will be entered into raffle for a Sharp - 32" LED - Smart - HDTV as well as the previously stated items. So the more you are able to donate, the more items your student will be eligible for. Again, all money raised goes directly back to our school, classes, and students.

Below is the schedule for October 6th.

A lunch students (6th grade, MS2TC, and MICI)- 10:30 to 10:55 (20 minutes of Shuffling followed by 5 minutes for a snack and then into lunch.)

B lunch students (7th grade & MOCI)- 11:10 to 11:35 (20 minutes of Shuffling followed by 5 minutes for a snack and then into lunch.)

C lunch students (8th grade)- 11:40 to 12:05 (20 minutes of Shuffling followed by 5 minutes for a snack and then into lunch.)

Jet's Pizza

JET'S PIZZA at 15 Mile and Schoenherr Rd. is hosting a Profit Sharing Night for Carleton on Tuesday, October 3rd. No need to cook dinner that night. Simply order your dinner from Jet's and they will donate a percentage back to our school. The fundraiser runs all day. Thank you for your support.

Clark's Corner

This week I would like to encourage you to revisit a topic that many of us parents believe we covered with our children at ages 6, 7, and 8. Parking lot and street safety.

As you spend time talking to your child about their week at school, please review with them the importance of being aware and intelligent in areas of traffic. This week I personally stopped a group of 10 students who almost walked out on a crosswalk towards a moving bus, watched students dart through the parking lot in front of and behind cars, observed students crossing unmarked walk ways without looking for cars, and saw students text and walk (or ride a bicycle) with their head down.

Please take time to remind our students that they should not have their phones out in high traffic areas and be aware of their surroundings. Remind them that even though they need to know as future drivers (a scary thought for every parent but they are getting close to that age) that pedestrians have the right away. If it comes down to a car and a walker colliding, the car will not get hurt. Finally, remind them that we all care about them, and both you and the staff here at Carleton want them to be both safe and successful.

Thank you and have a great weekend.

Events for Your Calendar

October 2 - Home Volleyball Game

October 3 - Jets Fundraiser (15 and Schoenherr)

October 4 - Student Count Day (please avoid pulling your student out for appointments)

October 6 - Carleton Shuffle

October 10 - Home Football Game

October 11 - Home Volleyball Game

October 13 - Half Day of School (Dismissal at 11am)

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Carleton Sundae

The Carleton Colt Sundae is available at Coco Beam Creamery and Café on 15 and Dodge Park. It is vanilla ice cream (or vanilla frozen custard), Sanders Caramel topping, whipped cream, maraschino cherry, green & gold jimmies, and a chocolate Carleton Colt garnish (either in green as shown, or in gold).

10% of the sales of the Carleton Colt Sundae will be donated to the Carleton Booster Club.

Also, players in uniform will receive a discount, so please consider stopping in and asking for the Carleton Colt Sundae!