The Cub Hub

Notes from the Den | Volume 2 : Issue 42 - 6-1-22

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Principal's Message

Good Day,

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer break. The purpose of this Cub Hub is to alert everyone to school tours happening this summer across five Thursdays in June and July and to provide a couple of reminders.

School Tours

You can access the Signup Genius with the link provided below ... The person count limit is 15 per tour, not because of any operational protocols but rather is based on experience from last summer. That number is perfect and any larger causes delays. If you have a child that is not yet walking please do not include them in the tour count.

Class Placement Information

Final placement will not be complete until July 29, 2022 as some students leave and new students enroll. We will send home individual class placement information on or before August 1, 2022.

We will be providing all new parents with a detailed class placement information sheet in early July to help guide us make the new Kindergarten classes for the 2022-2023 school year.

Summer Dates

Thursdays Starting June 9 - Structured Tours Via SignUp Genius (Information Will Be Sent After School Ends)

Week Of August 1st - Grade Level Socials On Campus

August 11 & 12 - Meet The Teacher

August 15 - First Day Of School


Please reach out to me at