Bitter Melon

Cara Chow

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I definitely enjoyed the book. It was very suspenseful and keep my wanting to read more. I would recommend it to anyone.

Favorite Passage

“When I look back, my greatest accomplishment in high school has nothing to do with competition and winning. I learned to use my own judgement and not to follow others blindly. I learned to judge myself based on my own standards. I learned to find my own voice. I learned to speak my own truth. I have nothing to show for these achievements, no grades, no medals, trophies, or diploma. Yet these are the achievements that can't be taken away by loss, failure, or misunderstanding.”

Character Poem


Asian, Average, Thick.


Rebelling, Writing, Pleasing.

Richmond District, San Fransisco

She tries too hard to be what everyone else wants her to be.