Poland join the European union in May 2004.


Poland was part of the ottoman empire it is also was one of the strongest countrys in its time
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Where it's located

Poland is next to Germany and it lots of mountains near the southern boarder of Poland

Polish flag

The polish flag dates back to the 13th century but the colors came in 1831 when Poland gained independence from Russa. the red stands for the bloodshed and the white stands for peace.
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City's and capital

The capital of Poland is Warsaw witch is near the center of Poland some other major city's were Łódź,Kraków,Lublin and Radom


People come to Poland for mountains to ski the beauty of the country it is also popular with its city and the Nazi death camp Auchwitz

Geography of Poland

Poland has many mountains and has lots of forests the land scape of Poland is very flat.

Government of Poland

Poland government became a republic in 1989 when it gained its independence from the Soviet Union.


Poland currency is currently the euro but it was the źloty

Interesting facts

Poland has elected their Kings

Poland has never surrendered to nazi Germany they just joined them

The polish constitution is based off the American constitution