Exotic Fruit: Lychee.

Be Happy, Eat Lychee.:))

Classification: Tropical

Another Starwberry? :O

Lychee's are...

-Brightly colored (mostly red but can be green) and are shaped like strawberries.

-covered by a thin large skin and a sweet musky aroma.

-has a very sweet, reminiscent of roses, taste and half-level acidic.


Brewster: large, conical or wedge-shaped, red, with soft flesh; seeds are very often fully formed and large.

Rose-Scented: rounded-heart-shaped; has a slightly rough, purplish-rose, slightly firm skin; flesh gray-white, soft, very sweet.

Early Large Red: usually obliquely heart-shaped and flesh is grayish-white, firm, sweet and flavorful

Lychee Nutritional Value~

Cooking Lychee~

Lychee is mostly used in baked desserts although they can be made into a sauce and jams to top off cakes and cupcakes! There are some main dishes that uses Lychee as an ingredient. Lychee are also commonly made into drinks~

Other Facts!

-Originated over 2000 years ago.

- Fond in north tropical rainforests and mountain forests of Southern China, where it is a dominant tree species.

-Fresh lychee fruits are available in the markets from June to October