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Written by SPA Students Volume 1 Issue 2

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Gaga Ball Update by Joseph and Kon

Mrs. Morrow, the principal, and other volunteers put new gaga ball flooring. Ever since the gaga ball pit was set up, staff and volunteers have been looking for gaga ball flooring. A few weeks ago, the flooring was put in. Students at St. Paul had to wait 1-2 days for the gaga ball to dry up after it rained, which they didn’t like. Now that the flooring is in, will this still be a problem, or will it stay dry? We’ll see about that. Also, people last year were sitting on the sides of the gaga ball pit. That caused some damage to it, because bolts that held the walls together popped out, and they still haven’t been repaired. Hopefully it lasts a while so everyone can still play gaga ball!

The Legend of the Doodle Bob by Sam

Once upon a time, there was a magical pencil. Whatever was drawn, came alive. One day when Poseidon was patrolling his kingdom, he found the magic pencil. He was curious of what it did. He just started to draw random things. Plants, fish shark, and then finally he drew a sea sponge. In turn everything came alive, even the sea sponge. But something magical happened with the sea sponge. It sprouted eyes and a mouth and arms and legs.

“Bwaba” The sponge tried to speak! Poseidon was amazed.

“I will call you Doodlebob!” Poseidon said with pride.

Months after he was created Doodlebob started to act weird. He started to “shut down” at different times of the day. He would stop moving and close his eyes. He almost messed up King Posiedon’s birthday cake! Something was wrong.

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The Blue Chicken by Max

There once was a farm. The farm was owned by Billy. Billy had a lot of chickens. He didn’t only have chickens, he had all kinds of animals! He had dogs, cows, pigs, horses, and much more!

All the chickens looked the same. Except for one, special chicken. The chicken was blue, like a blueberry. The chicken’s name was Sky. Sky didn’t fit in. All the chickens thought he was weird for being blue. Sky didn’t care he thought that one day, another blue chicken will be his friend.

One day, Billy got a delivery of a special guest. Billy said that the guest will live with the chickens. The chickens could care less. Except for Sky, he thought this was going to be the special chicken, his best friend.

Billy walked into the coop and showed them a bright, shiny, red chicken. The chicken walked to Sky, and Sky walked to her. The red chicken showed no interest for the other chickens. Sky and the red chicken named Scarlet, became best friends. They lived happily ever after...

A Scandinavian Myth by Joseph

Hundreds of years ago, the Vikings ruled Scandinavia. They would invade all of the countries in Northern Europe and eventually, rule Iceland and Greenland. A king by the name of King Norma III ordered his troops to sail across the Atlantic to Canada. The troops hesitated as it would be very dangerous. One of the troops in the group yelled “It’s too dangerous, barbarians could attack us!”. But the king insisted. The troops climbed onto the ship and sailed across the Atlantic for over two months. But one day, one of the troops died. The other troops had no choice but to throw him overboard. Then, a huge creature came flying out of the water and started attacking the ship. This creature was a giant Sea Serpent. The ship didn’t stand a chance, so everyone got inside the ship. Everyone inside freaked out and started to discuss a plan. There was an escape and emergency boat outside the ship. They all ran outside and got onto the boat as quick as they could.

They successfully escaped. Now all they can look at is the sinking ship. Luckily, they were very close to Canada and started rowing the boat. It took days to reach there, but then, the sea serpent arrived again, but this time, there were two. Now there were two sea serpents, they were surrounded and there was no escape. They rowed the boat frantically and then after hours and hours of rowing, they reached land. The sea serpents ran aground on shore and they somehow died. The vikings investigated the creatures and studied. After months of exploring Canada, they met a indigenous woman who was building a ship. She offered to lend the boat to them and help them get back to Scandinavia. After the ship was complete, she gave the boat to them. After months of getting back, they got back. This story was famous all over Europe and it has been famous ever since. Now, the Vikings knew they had been the founders of the Sea Serpent.

A Tiger Named Tizzle by Aelitta

Once upon a time there was a tiger named Tizzle. Tizzle loved to shop at the mall, but Tizzle didn’t have any money left. Tizzle spent all her money on lemon yellow Crocs. Oh what a tragedy occurred that day. Tizzle forgot to save money for a tiny backpack. In order to buy that backpack, Tizzle would have to get a job. Little did Tizzle know that getting a job would be harder than she thought.

Tizzle traveled through different cities looking for a job. She was very hungry when she returned home. She needed to eat. Tizzle walked (since she didn’t have enough money for a car) to Burger King and there it was. Tizzle's life was complete at this very moment. Right by the entrance, there in the window, there was a sign that said, “Hiring Now! Apply Inside!. '' Tizzle zoomed into the store and got the job on the spot.

Tizzle worked at Burger King for only two hours and got sick of it. First, she got a milkshake spilled all over her, then a customer threw his burger at her because his order wasn’t correct. Tizzle quit the job and walked home sadly. On the way she thought she would stop by Urban Outfitters and look at all the expensive stuff she couldn’t afford.

Tizzle entered Urban, started looking around and spotted a nice, good smelling Mario Bedescu facial spray. There was a possum looking at the spray as well, but Tizzle decided to ignore her. Then Tizzle went over to look at the facemasks and the possum followed. Tizzle said hi to the possum and the possum said hi. Tizzle later found out that the possums name was Sizzle. Sizzle lent some money to Tizzle and they both walked out with Mario Bedescus. And they lived happily ever after.

Rose by Lucy

Once upon a time there was a girl named rose. Rose lived on a mountain with her rose gold castle. Rose is not the nicest girl in town. Rose goes to Sky View High Elementary with all the ordinary kids. She makes them bow and give her special attention. Connie is very jealous of her and this year she's got plans for her.

Connie always has to sit right next to Rose she is sick of it, she wants to be the queen. She wants to be the star but when Rose is there that is never going to happen. Rose came to this school three months ago. Since then people are giving her cupcakes and special attention. Rose is one of the nicest kids on earth. She tries to include Connie and give her cupcakes every morning, Connie just growls and walks away.

Rose has a plane that comes and picks her up every day from school. This time Connie jumped in the helicopter and put silly string all over it, but she got trapped. She got trapped in the plane and it took off. Connie jumped off the plane and landed on that very hard ground. She was throbbing in pain, she still pushed through in she hopes that this will be enough for Rose to never to come to this school anymore.

Sure enough Rose walks right through that door as pretty as ever and starts bawling. She comes to me and says that she will never be coming back, so she won't wreck her life anymore.

Kronus & The Olympians by Delan

After Kronus had defeated his father, he had six babies. He still remembered his father’s curse: your children will betray you as well. After a baby of his was born, he swallowed it because he was afraid of them going over his authority. But his wife, Rhea, did not like having her children eaten. So, when baby Zeus was born, Rhea gave Kronus a rock instead.

Zeus was raised by nymphs, and became very powerful. He soon went to free his brothers and sisters and went to defeat Kronus. During the battle, Zeus puched Kronus so hard in the stomach, all the babies flew out, but they were now adults!

Together, they defeated Kronus and the other titans, and the cyclops and hundred-handed monsters created Zeus his mighty bolts of lightning. Zeus went to rule the heavens & earth, while Hades went to rule Tartarus, the underworld. Now Zeus and the other gods live on Mt. Olympus in his mighty palace, except Hades, who sometimes visits the others, and Zeus married humans and gods and with that created many other gods & demi-gods.

The Sad Ending of the Town that Messed with a Zoipoi by Samuel

In the middle of the vast countryside a peaceful town flourished. In the gulf where the town fished, a Zoipoi waited. (also known as a Dragon Eel) Although the town wouldn’t find out till later that when a fisherman almost catches one, you leave it alone. Now back to the story.

A Zoipoi is a very colorful animal, it has many purple and pink stripes on its side, it eats sharks and has a belly the size of a small car. The fisherman was named Sir Big Italian Mustache and had grown up not far from that very town. He was out trying to catch mussels with a fishing pole. (He wasn’t the brightest man in town) He had somehow managed to get one on the end of his fishing and had a shark eyeing it suspiciously. The shark chomped on the end of the fishing pole and had the Zoipoi eyeing it suspiciously. The Zoipoi finally ate the whole fishing pole and left Sir Big Italian Mustache to ponder why his hands were empty. A town official was watching and rang the alarm for the city. Bells rang here and there and scared the Zoipoi into eating the Sir Big Italian Mustache. The people who lived there fled and left the Zoipoi to eat the sharks in the gulf.

The Football Crashdown by Ben

One day my family was going to the Chicago Bears game. They were versing the Lions. My sister said “Go bears go bears!” My Dad and sister and me were going to get concessions. My sister wanted cotton candy and a Gatorade. I wanted a Dr. Pepper and a hot dog. My dad wanted a Burger and a Diet Coke. We got my mom some Coke even though she did not ask for anything. We got back to our seats and all of the sudden it got dark and cold. From my Harry Potter knowledge It means Dementors. But Dementors are not real or are they? We saw something go through the sky. Oh no. Watch out everybody. Evacuate the stadium now.

It was a swarm of dragons, they are breaking the stadium. Ahhh I am stuck. Help, please! My Dad and Mom helped, they finally got my foot out. There is so much glass falling. We got out of the stadium. The dragons went away. We will never go to a Bears game or Lions after that experience. We got home and went to bed.

The Necklace by Jack

It was a cold day in Boston Massachusetts as Barry and his friends biked through the cool street. As they were biking, Ralph noticed that the construction that had been going on was over. There was now a museum, but for something that was just built, it looked pretty old. Ralph was always interested in museums, especially ones that specialized in Aztec stuff like mummies and pyramids. They decided that the hot dogs that they were planning on getting could wait.

As they entered the museum, Marcus, Sal, Ralph and Barry waited in the Lobby as Brody could not get the bike lock to work. Finally they got their tickets and entered the mummy section. That was when Ralph saw it. The coolest necklace he had ever seen. Every inch covered in gold. Ralph had to have it. Just as the security guard looked away, he grabbed it and walked out of the museum. The other boys were mad because once they walked out they were not let back in.

When Ralph got home he turned the necklace into a bracelet using his hot glue gun. When he entered the kitchen bad stuff started to happen like his mom received a call saying she was fired and his sister slipped down the stairs and broke her arm. As they rushed to the hospital, Ralph was dropped off at Body's house where they played soccer. Body shot a goal but missed and tore his ankle.

That's when Ralph realized why all this stuff was happening. It was because of the necklace. Ralph tore it off his wrist and chucked it as far as he possibly could, never to be seen again.

Hydra of Hate and Anguish by Anthony

Once long ago, in a time of peace and love, there was a Hydra of Hate and Anguish. He was disgusted by the way the village was behaving so he had to do something about it. The village had recently made a river that connected to the lake inside their village so they could fish without leaving their house. So the Hydra used this to his advantage, he started attacking all the nearby houses with total destruction. Wood was flying all over the place. Remember, at this time period they didn't have really good weapons, the best thing they had were swords and bows and arrows.

One man stood to face the challenge, that man was named Hercules. Most people say that Hercules the son of Zeus killed the Hydra but in reality another strong man named Hercules killed the hydra. The more famous Hercules took credit for it. Anyway Hercules stood there and started leading the Hydra away into the Lerna, a disgusting swamp.

The Hydra was getting ready to attack and surprised Hercules with its ability to breath fire. Hercules put his shield up but it burnt to a crisp. He then shot an arrow at the Hydra. It was a direct hit, Hercules thought he was done but he wasn't. The Hydra surprised him with acid, she burnt his sword down until there was nothing anymore. He shot 8 more arrows all piercing the Hydra. The Hydra fell and gave up, it was gone. The village had been saved and everything was normal and the reason I know all this. Well, I’m that man.

Legend of the Cougar by Keith

Once there was a cougar who lived on Mount Olympic and he played every sport and won every game until a viking came to Mount Olympic. He said you can’t win without rules. So the viking wrote a rule book to every sport including basketball, soccer, and football, the cougar’s favorite sports. Then the viking said there will need to be a rule person that makes the rules happen, so he took a hornet and made it huge. He said “What's your name?” He answered, “Ralph”. The viking said that was a horrible name and said from now on I will call you Ref. The viking said I want to play you in football and the cougar said game on. It started well, the cougar won by forfeit in the first quarter, 238 to 0. The viking left and came back with friends and added a new rule, you can have a team. So the cougar went and got his team Keith, Joseph, Skylar, Anthony, Jack, Brody, Samuel, Delan, Joey, Ben, and Kon and this time they won 17 to 14 so then the vikings went back and brought their whole town and said they were fans and could make you mess up. They played again and this time they won 14 to 13 then they heard something coming, it was a comet! The super juvenile viking hit Mount Olympic and it spread to the world and know the world plays sports in honor of Sport the Cougar.

Appearanci by Joseph

This potion I am about to tell you may or may not be interesting to you. This potion is called Appearanci. The potion looks like a purple and yellowish liquid. No objects are inside it, just the liquid. The ingredients for it are water mixed with frog juice. This potion does one thing, you just drop it and say an object, and then that object appears in front of you. For instance, you drop the liquid on the ground and you say “cup”. A cup will appear right in front of you. Let me tell you about what you need to do to make this work. Grab the potion and dump all of it out on the floor. (Do this outside as it stains the carpet) Next, say an object, you can only say one object, one word. Then after a few seconds, the object will appear in front of you. So yeah, that is Appearanci, if you want to try this out, get the potion and do the steps!

The Olympians Get Their Weapons by Delan

Before the Olympians fought the Titans, they needed weapons. So they snuck into Tartarus, and asked the cyclops and hundred-handed-ones to create weapons. But there was a nasty dragon-serpent-human guard that threw away anything that looked dangerous. So Zeus came up with an idea. He said ”Create the weapons in pieces, and when the guards are not looking, assemble them and toss them to us.” So they did exactly that. The first weapon was for Zeus, he got a bronze rocket-like thing with two pointy ends, when Zeus pointed it at a rock it had electricity shoot at it. The second weapon was for Poseidon. He got a spear with three points. (a trident.) When he waved it, a miniature typhoon appeared. The third weapon was for Hades. He got a hat that could make him invisible and created waves that terrify people (and gods) that get caught. Soon, the guard found them. She hissed at them, as Zeus pointed his weapon at her. She had 3 seconds to be confused until she got zapped to ashes.

The End

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Cougar Sports Update by Jack and Brody

5th/6th Football- The White team is 2-5. Season End . The Blue team is 4-3. Season End

7th Football- They are 4-2 Game next week Wednesday @ Caledonia

8th Football- They are 2-3

5th/6th Soccer- They were 3-5-1. They lost their first tournament game to SJV.

7th/8th Soccer- They are 1-4

6th Volleyball- They are 7-1.

7th Volleyball- They are 2-3

Van Andel Institute Field Trip by Joseph

On October 17th, 5th Grade-8th Grade went on a field trip to the Van Andel Institute (VAI) in downtown Grand Rapids. They were there for the majority of the day. When the students arrived, they went inside to get a group photo and then have lunch. During lunch, we listened to a few people tell us about what the Van Andel Institute is and welcoming everyone. After lunch, we were divided into groups. All of St. Paul, IHM, and other schools were in Group B. The others were in Group A. Group B went to the auditorium to listen to a cancer research doctor speak. He talked about how cancer starts and how it can be deadly. Meanwhile, Group A was at the Van Andel Education Institute learning about educational stuff.

After the doctor spoke, it was Group B’s turn to go to the Education Institute. There, the staff their divided us into groups. One of the stations was the animal station. There, you can hold animals, you can pet them, and learn more about them. The next station was the microscope station. There, you can look under a microscope and see cells and microscopic organisms and also learn more about them. The next and final station was the hovercraft station. There, you made a hovercraft, tested it out and saw how far it can go. They also had a contest with this, too. After all of that, both Group B and Group A went back to the auditorium to listen to another research doctor. He talked about how his mom suffered from cancer. He also got emotional during that speech. He also talked about how we can help the Van Andel Institute find a cure for cancer. After that speech, all of the students got back on the bus and went back to school. It was a nice field trip and it was a very cool and exciting. Hopefully, we can go back there sometime in the future!