Social-Emotional Development

Birth-2 years


  • Quality and intensity of emotional reactions.
  • 3 types of Temperament
  • Passivity-actively involved with surroundings
  • Irritability-different attitudes for each baby
  • Activity Patterns- different baby, different schedules


  • Strong emotional connection that develops between people.
  • Several early attachment behaviors
  • Separation anxiety is another attachment

Birth to Three Months

  • Do not have refined emotions.
  • Distress is shown by crying.
  • No tears when child cried
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Three to Six Month

  • Respond to people with smiles and laughter.
  • Happy sounds when playing, held, and fed.
  • Different crys for different things

Six to Twelve Months

  • Actively involved with their caregivers
  • Express happiness, joy, and surprise
  • Most difficult for parent
  • Separation Anxiety starts to show

Twelve to Twenty-Four Months

  • Show separation anxiety
  • Show anxiety
  • Think of future