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Mrs. Schleicher's Weekly Class Newsletter November 17-21

Weekly Note from Mrs. Schleicher

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Important Dates

What Did We Learn This Week?

Language Arts

We have been learning about possessive nouns and pronouns in Grammar these past two weeks. Also, we are editing the past for our autobiographies and writing our final drafts! It's very exciting and I love hearing the voice in your child's writing! Our centers are all about Thanksgiving this week!!


These past couple weeks we learned about addition word problems and the clue words that you read in a word problem that tell you to add. Also, we introduced estimation clue words like approximately and about how many. We practiced solving the word problems by writing a number model, identifying the unit, and highlighting the clue word.


We had so much fun on Monday beginning with when a wrapped box was delivered. Then, there was a clue to shake the box and try and figure out what was in it. Another clue came before lunch that was to continue building anticipation about what was to come in the afternoon. The 2nd grade team had planned an amazing cave experience where the kids explored rocks and minerals and watched part of a Bill Nye the Science Guy video about the layers of the earth. Then, we had a blast on our field trip to the Tellus Museum! Thank you to our parent chaperones, Jeff Arron, Beth Berss, Shana Stukalsky, and Josh Yudin.

Jewish Studies

You call follow all of the exciting things happening in Judaic Studies by reading our blog:

or by following Morah Kelly on Twitter at @MorahKelly. To see what is happening in your child’s class you can click on their homeroom teacher’s name on the Blog Roll on the right side of the screen on the blog. You can also read the weekly round-up of all the learning happening in grades 2-5 posted on the blog every Friday.


Dear 2nd grade parents,

The cursive Hebrew letters ק,ח (kof and chet) were our focus this past week.

We worked in our ARIOT book, read the related story, practiced forming the letters correctly and practiced reading cursive Hebrew.

Here is a great app to practice cursive Hebrew letters with:

Hebrew Cursive Writing by BendaSoft (IPhone app)

Shabbat shalom, שַׁבָּת שָׁלוֹם

Galia Sabbag

Noteworthy News!

Mystery Reader: Thank you to.....

Ryan's dad, Karl, for being our Thursday mystery reader this week!

Wendell's mom, Iris, for being our Wednesday mystery reader this week!

Happy Birthday to....

Emmy- 11/9

11/26-11/28- No School Thanksgiving

12/8- turn in your child's siddur-wrapped in a bag if it's a surprise for your child. We will put a plastic cover on it once it is turned in

12/12- Kabbalat HaSiddur, 8-10:30 AM

12/15- Class Hanukkah party, 2-3 PM, parents are invited

12/16- 1st night of Hanukkah

12/19- noon dismissal

1/23- our class leads Kabbalat Shabbat