Wales, Britain

visit the magnificent city of wales

why do welsh people drink tea you ask

Well the answer to that is that tea has been in the Britain culture for years and years to of their divine dishes in wales is welsh rarebit .which is basically bread and cheese

amazing cultures.what is their main culture many of you think about

Well like us welsh people are mainly christian . welsh people are very into the theater .wales to had an industrial revolution .

entertainment to the richest.want to know what wales has to offer for your entertainment .

When in wales one event there is horse back riding. like physical activities well this is what wales has to offer for you horse back riding amusement parks and trails for joging

castle wales known for a lot of castles

Well the answer to that is yes. as a matter of fact wales has a castle named beanmaris . wales also has a national museum and wales has found parts of a roman fort

legit languages,what is wales main language you ask

Well wales has many languages . like celic,english and welsh.80% of the people in wales speak welsh . so welsh is wales main language .

mother of heat.

dont like the cold well wales is most certain that wont be a problem its hottest is 20*Celsius and its coldest is -23*celsius
Welsh rarebit

The Conway Castle