Dairy and Eggs

Samiyah Wordsworth


Vitamin A, Vitamin B-12, Iron, Calcium, Phosphors, Vitamin D

Egg Key Terms

Binder- A thicken agent

Leavener- Used in food to make it rise

Stabilizer- A stabilizer is an additive to food to help preserve its structure.


Emulsifier-an agent that forms or preserves an emulsion

Samonella- a food born illness that comes from eggs or chicken

Cooking Principles/Temperatures

Too high temperatures can shrink the egg and make it tougher. Too high temperatures for milk can make it curdle.

Prevent FBI's

You can prevent a FBI by making sure your egg it cooked at the correct temperature and not cross contaminate.
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Examples of Dairy


Whipped cream






Dairy Key Terms


Pasteurization-A heat process used to kill bacteria in a food for food safety

Ripened Cheese- Cheeses that have had bacteria mold or yeast to add flavor and is aged in a controlled environment before they are ready to be sold.

Unripened Cheese-Soft cheeses ready for sale as soon as they are manufactured

Curdle-clumps that form in milk products when heated at too high a temperature.

Scorch-Food that has been cooked at too high a temperature or too long a period of time and has an off flavor

Roux-Equal amounts of fat and flour mixed and cooked to produce the base of a sauce or gravy

Coagulate-Components that react with another substance or temperature change to form single substance