Marysville Message

Friday January 15th

Limited In Person Instruction

Dear Families,

As you may have heard, Portland Public Schools released details of a tentative plan for limited in-person learning.

  • This is not a return to school or a replacement to comprehensive distance learning.

  • It will be a focused intervention for specific, invited students who have not been engaged or who have received failing grades.

  • It will be in addition to (not in place of) the current distance learning.

  • Participation in the in-person instruction will be completely voluntary and limited to small groups of students, less than 10 and for short periods of time between 2-4 pm, up to two hours per day.

  • It will start very small and address the varied student needs at different schools.

  • It will begin in waves, with a few schools targeting a start during the week of January 25th.

  • Marysville is not one of the first schools, but will be working towards some small-group in-person student sessions in February.

  • There are many operational matters to be worked out, like transportation, material sanitation and staffing.

This information was shared at the 1/12/21 PPS School Board meeting. (It is towards the end of the meeting, around hour 3!)

This is what we know at this time. Of course things may change in response to conditions and the state recommendations coming out next week. As soon as we have confirmed plans we will communicate them to you.


Cathy Murray

(971) 413-1090

Materials Distribution

Reminder - School will be closed on Monday January 18th in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day and there will not be any distribution of meals, devices, and supplies.

Distributions will resume on January Wednesday 20th 3:00 - 4:30 pm

* Meals
* Library Book Bags
* T-shirts
* Equity Anchor Texts
* Grade 6 - ODS Backpacks
* Grades 6-8 - VILS devices

* School supplies available upon request

Please remember to request any remaining student belongings from last Spring before the end of the month


Quick update on the Securly pilot at Harrison Park and Marysville, an explanation letter went out to families with email addresses provided to the schools.

The intro letter includes a link to, which includes a frequently asked questions list and a brief description of the service. If you have questions, please contact

As mentioned above, the letter is going out to families that have email addresses listed in Synergy. This is an important point, because that email address is families' only way to log in to their Securly accounts. In other words, if you haven't shared an email address with Marysville, you won't be able to access Securly. If you are unsure if you have provided an email, you can check on parentvue or send your email and we will input it.

January 20 is the pilot go-live date.

  • Parents will receive an email from Securly (in top 5 languages) to sign up and learn more about the program

    • Check junk folder if you haven’t received it yet

    • To opt in, sign in

To get the Securly app

  • Download the app from your app store. Tap the Login button and choose the “Get instant access” option after entering the email registered with your school.

  • Check your email for an email titled “Your Securly login link”. Click on it to open the app.

  • You’re now logged in and ready to go!


  • If you have issing or incorrect parent emails in Synergy, you won't receive Securly
  • If you block Youtube- for school hours this would block educational content used by teachers
  • If you turn off internet during class times, students will not be able to log on for class meetings

Multnomah County Library Resources

  • Family Newsletter in English and Spanish. You can sign up at those links. It was created to support families through the home learning experience.

  • online content folks might enjoy, like Storytimes in multiple languages for younger kids, and our Books We Love series for older ones in English and Spanish.

  • lots of online events to check out.

  • more coming for school-aged kids soon, like a weekly Tween Club that will have a Graphic Novel Book Group, Minecraft Challenges, D&D and Science! Visit library resources for more information.

  • Libraries have services including curbside service, so if folks want to check stuff out, they can! And we have lots of ebooks.

Parenting Opportunity

Thursday, February 4, 5:30-7: I Didn't Sign Up for This! Practical Guidance for Parents During the Pandemic with Licensed Psychologist, Dr. Amy Stoeber and Parent Mentor, Raylene Edwards. This free workshop and series will: Address concerns and create a safe space for families to process stress in their current environment; Offer tangible tools for parents to support their children and manage overwhelming stress.