Start your Courses

Students will be at the starting line Tuesday, Aug. 12th

To Do List as the Semester Begins

  1. Import content to your Fall courses.
  2. Update the syllabus CRN, Course Schedule dates, etc.
  3. Set due dates for assignments.
  4. Be sure pages, quizzes, and modules are published if you wish students to see them.
  5. Delete old announcements.
  6. Delete any blank Assignment groups (Remember, Canvas automatically creates a new group called Assignments).

Delete the Drop-Down Menus on the Home Page

Notice that the left navigation pane in your course now includes a link to Butler Online Help. This site contains all of the information that was originally included in the 3 accordion drop-down menus on the home page.
Please delete the text for these menus. I know, we told you not to touch this but the drop-downs are not working correctly so we want them gone. And, this gives you more room for your content.

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