Get to know me!

Shania Lingafelt


I have 2 sisters and 4 brothers. I love having lots of siblings because we all help each other when needed. My oldest brother is 20 and then my youngest brother is turning 2 in october! I also have twin brothers. They are 10. Then my little sister is 12, and my older sister is 17. I am 14 and my birthday is November 8th.

All about my name etc.

My full name is Shania Janae Lingafelt. My parents wanted to name me katelyn because all of my other siblings have names that start with the k sound. But my older brother and sister love Shania Twain so they begged my parents to name me Shania and my parents liked the idea! So i am named after a country singer. I also love to go swimming on my free time in the summer. I also go to the gym and love fitness.I live in Columbia also.

What did i do this summer?

This summer i went to the Jersey shore with my family. I had tons of fun. The waves were really big. Me and my little sister went to this huge candy shop and bought lots of candy! It was a time to remember.

More about me

I love to read because it makes my vocabulary better and it keeps me occupied on something positive. This is my second year of being a student at palcs and i love this schooling. On a scale of 1-10 i would rate my tech skills as a 8.