Blind Trust

Shay Jackson


Five Star

Blind Trust

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Short Summary.

"Blind Trust" by Shay Jackson is a refreshing story about meeting challenges, truth, social dilemmas, and creative problem solving. The main character Sherise, has her values tested, her integrity which she is known for by family and friends when she becomes enchanted with a handsome, young basketball player with a past. She tries to workaround the issues and quickly finds doing so only adds problems. She realizes she cannot comfortably live with certain "facts" about her new friend. The quagmire appears too threatening, and the social pressure of her friends and family to protect her, resonates too loudly in her heart. It is a story about "grayness", that place where most of us live. Neither angelic or demonic but dynamically moving between them as we find our way to where we need to be.
Javain Dixon

4th Period


American Lit.