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May 20, 2016

End of School Message

Unfortunately this is not my view from my desk this morning.
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Summer Agreement

Paper staff calls will be sent on Monday mornings. We will only have two live staff calls over the break as listed above. Committee Chairs will provide you with meeting dates for the summer which you will be expected to attend. Check emails, kmails, and voice mails daily. Be accessible by cell phone. If you are at the computer working please log into to Yahoo IM and log out of IM if you are not working. Travel with your computer if you are leaving the state for an extended amount of time- with the exception of Fridays and your two weeks of vacation (CSAL employees only) . I do not pretend that you are sitting by the computer from 8-5 Monday through Thursday nor would I want you to be during this time but I will need to be able to reach you by phone and responded to. All committee meetings and tasks provided by committee chairs are to be attended and completed within the assigned time. Starting on July 18 you will need to be at the computer like the regular school year. I am asking by July 25 you have the first six weeks of lessons planned and ready to go for the start of the year. I will ask to see them at In-service. PPTs of course will be tweaked as you learn the students and school starts, but the full lesson with all of the teaching parts are there waiting.

2016-2017 School Year Theme is ......

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Pack your bags and passports, the LAVCA crew is will be taking flight next year. Each month we will be landing in a new country and expanding our educational horizons.

Today is meant for...


Magic Calendars

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Summer School Prep


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Report Cards Sent Out May 27

Part of VPD on May 27 all homeroom teachers will be sending out Report Cards. The date was pushed back in order to have the student GPA listed on the High School Report Cards.

Kindergarten through 8th grade please make sure every report card contains one of the following promotion statements:

This student has been promoted to the _____ grade for the 16 17 school year. (All promoted students)

This student has been retained in the ____ grade. (K-3,7 students that failed ELA or Math and Science or History)

Retention Pending Summer school outcome. (fourth and eight graders that failed Math or English)

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Amanda LeCompte for the cutest Kindergarten Graduation ever! Kinder Engagement is amazing.

Jennifer Meyer for "Making the Difference" K 12 Award

Amanda LeCompte for being a Champion Teacher this Month

Everyone that helped with graduation and ring ceremony this week.

Gina Warren's Channel 9 Graduation Post reached over 2000 likes

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Daniel Stanley is a Daddy! Congrats on the new baby girl.

Meet Louie LAVCA & Katie K12. They want to travel with you!

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Louie and Katie will be traveling across the state and country this year as staff attends conferences, outings, and school events. If you have some fun adventures planned please let us know so Katie and Louie can be in tow. This traveling pair would even love to have some of that Norris Utah fare.

Read Your Pelican Press

Resource Swap-Sharing is Caring

At the start of June the Southern Region AA's will descend on Headquarters to talk about the school year and continue to plan for the 16-17 year. We are planning on having a power point swap. The idea is for everyone to bring the teacher's ppts from the school year and swap them with other AA's to bring them back to the school for use. We can only take part in the swap if it is a true swap .... I have to bring ppts to get ppts. If you are interested in receiving ppts from the other teachers in the Southern Region that teach the same grade and subject as you please download your ppts from this year in the respected subject and grade level folders shared below.