United Bocaj


Welcome to The United Kingdom Of Bocaj

Our country was founded by the great Bocaj Gasper in the early 17 hundreds and since then has been a Indirect Democratic country with one leader at a time. We hold the decisions from a Presidential standard. We elect two groups of trusted people an Executive branch and a Legislative branch they make large decisions for the people.

Our country has a population of 20 Million and in composed of of 12 independent states. We run by a unitary government so all states abide by the same rules that come from our capital we chose this system due to the population numbers being so few.
One of our biggest allies would be Canada we have many of the same values and government we also trade large deals with them. Both Canada and us avoid war and military support. We trade with many other countrys we are the largest suplier of coffee so we have many allies and very few enemies our only enemy right now is Columbia becuase they are the second best suplier of coffee.
The dominant language is English in UKB but being so close to Canada french is also common in our country. We are still not allowing gay rights anywhere in our country so that is a occuring conflict. Almost all of our country is employed and works on farms that is the number one sorce of income.