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Life Lessons from My Mom

When I was a little girl, my mom had us live by three simple rules:

1. You take it out. You put it back.

2. Do not take what is not yours.

3. Be kind to everyone no matter what.

Think about it. These are three basic rules to live by. When I think about Gardens, these rules can easily apply.

Rule 1: You take it out. You put it back.

There are many items we share as educators. Sometimes we tend to forget what we have borrowed or checked out. Sometimes our peers need access to those same materials. Simply put...share. If you have borrowed something for a while, there is good to the item. Obviously it is meeting your needs. Let it also meet the needs of others. All students need to benefit from the instructional materials we have on campus. So if you take it out, you put it back.

Rule 2: Do not take what is not yours.

This rule is big to me. I am not a fan of people taking things that do not belong to them. I find it frustrating when I hear stories about people taking food that does not belong to them from the refrigerators. If you are that hungry, come find me. I will go and get you a hamburger from Jack in the Box. Don't take from others. Nothing is more disappointing then to open the refrigerator and find your food missing. I also don't understand why I have heard tales of people going into classrooms and taking items that do not belong to them. I just don't get it. If you need something, just ask. I guarantee people will share with you or if I have the money I can get it for you. Bottom line, do not take what is not yours.

Rule 3: Be kind to everyone no matter what.

I am going to be completely honest with you here. We have a long way to go with this one. It is heartbreaking for me to hear of people not being nice to others. The past is the past. I am not saying you need to forget anything that has ever happened to you, but to help our campus grow you need to open your eyes to the possibility that people can change. I am not saying you need to go out and have dinner weekly with individuals or invite them to your next birthday party. What I am saying is that you need to respect each individual on campus professionally. We have grown so much academically this school year. Now let's grow professionally. It is about the kids. If we want them to be kind to everyone, then we need to model it. So be kind to everyone no matter what.

The STAAR Test is Over!

Yes, the test is now over but that does not mean school is over. This is the time of year you really need to tighten your expectations and procedures. Review weekly.

Also, let's get our kids ready for the next school year. 3rd grade, I am going to ask that you really push grammar and writing. PK, Kinder and 1st, let's get our students to become the best readers they can be. 2nd grade, let's get our students to be comprehensive readers so than can easily take apart a reading passage. 4th grade, science. Think science. Our students need to be able to be prepared for the fifth grade science test next year. All grade levels, work on fact fluency and with writing. Our students should be able to provide you with written responses, stories, etc. I know I have grade levels working on research. I think it would be great to have your students have a research fair during the day once everything is complete. I know parents would love to come and see what their child learned. Upper grades, work on chapter books. Have some fun with reading. There are many activities you can do that align to our SEs and that integrate social studies, writing, reading, etc. Keep having our students read and taking AR tests. Let's get our points up!

Like I said, testing may be over but school is not. Let's continue to prepare our students for the next grade level.

Where are we?


Out Monday

Tuesday - Hosting a work station training at Gardens

Out Wednesday

Out Thursday at Track and Field


Out Thursday Morning

Out Friday

Gator Greats

I am going to give a shout out to everyone who participated last week with our math and reading STAAR exams. Everything ran so smooth! So thank you. Thank you to everyone for making our testing season a success. That was helpful, supportive and amazing!

This and That

Sorry, I do not have my paper calendar at home. So please check over your calendar. Thank you.

Monday - Fire truck grades 2-4

Tuesday - Work Station Training Day at Gardens

Wednesday - Happy Wednesday

Thursday - Team Leader Meeting at 7:30, 3rd and 4th grade Track and Field day, potential faculty meeting day

Friday - Insync training with Rebecca Bright (Those involved have already been noticed.)