Dafar, Sudan

2003- present


Western Sudan

What Happend

  • The Dafurians refer the Janjaweed as "Devils on houseback."
  • Janjaweed have destroed over 400 villages.
  • Janjaweed have killed 40,000 people and displaced over2,500,000 peole.
  • It started when coflict began between Dafar farmers and Arab regime

Compared to the Holocast

It relates to the Holocaust by the Janjaweed killing the Dafurians as the Nazi killing the Jews.


  1. killed because they were different.
  2. no government representation.
  3. Jews and the African tribes were persecuted because of their religion difference.


  1. 6 millions Jews died in the holocaust
  2. Defer shot Jews gassed
  3. 40,000 people killed and over 2,500,000 people displaced in defer