Pre made seasonings

Seasoning already made for cooking that you wipe up in mins.

What type of business is it?

My business would be a sold partnership with someone that own tons of other business in the restaurant industry. I decided to chose this kind of business because during the weekends night sometimes parents are too tired to cook because of work so this product would save time having to season food and its still being made with fresh ingredient and no perspectives.

Evaluate how your business type will overcome the disadvantages it will face

My business will overcome disadvantages if we have some by asking our customers what we did wrong and try to redeem ourselves.

Remember that businesses have a responsibility to address their employees’ concerns and create a quality working environment for their employees. Determine how your business will do this.

The working environment for my employees would be a fun hard working place. we would come up with ideas on a daily basics on how we make and how our product should be used by consumers. My employee's would enjoy working for me and would want to make our own products in there home.

Will your business have a labor union?

Yes my business would allow labor union because it gives employees the right they think they deserve but I would make it even by them following our rules and regulation but we still ask what they want. I feel it should be a closed union shop because if you hire someone from another union what if they can't do the same work as someone if a different shop.

Go Green

My business would go green by using recycled water bottles to make them into little gifts when buying our product. This will give people an open mind about recycling is a good think to do to stop wasting things we can re-use again. Things can be used repeatedly if you just know how to do it.