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Jan. 27- 31

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Upcoming Events:

Every Wednesday, Student Early Release 1:30


January 30: 4K 2:00 - 3:00

January 31: Kindergarten 9:45-10:30

January 24th: Student Report Cards Come Home

February 4 and 6: Parent-Teacher Conferences (your time will come later)

February 7: NO SCHOOL

February 14: Coffee with Principal Lewis

May 21: 3rd Grade Field Trip

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Please call the office at 608-361-2300 to report your child absent.

If your child attends a medical, dental, or legal appt. bring back a note and the time missed from school will be excused.

MAPS Testing Continues

This will be the last week for MAPS testing.

  • please have your child to school on time so they don't miss test portions
  • please don't pick up your child before 3:00 to limit interruptions during testing

Your child's teacher can update you on their progress at Parent-Teacher Conferences in February.

Grade Level Learning

All Grade Levels
Every day- take some time to read to your child or have your child read to you. Kids who read at home have been shown to have greater student achievement! The car is a great place to work on math facts, spelling words or telling stories.


Monthly Study: Buildings

Math: I can measure by length, weight and height. I can count sets of objects to 20. I can sort by color, shape and size.

Literacy: I can recognize upper case letters. I can tell what an author and illustrator do.

Writing: I can draw a picture and begin to write sounds I hear.

Kindergarten Learning:

Math: We are learning to identify, name, and describe 3D shapes.

Reading: We are learning about reading strategies, letters and sounds and story elements including character, setting, and events.

Writing: We are learning to write “How to” books that teach others how to do something.

Science: We are learning about the needs of plants and animals.

2nd Grade

Math: We are solving addition and subtraction story problems with missing addends. Next, we will be adding double digits with regrouping.

Reading: We are amping up our reading power to read longer books fluently. We also focus on word solving phonics strategies.

Writing: We are writing lab reports like scientists.

Science: We are studying states of matter and properties of matter to determine which materials are the best for a purpose.

Pull Forward in the Front

Thanks so much for your patience in the pick-up drop-off area. Let's keep this area safe and respectful!

  • PULL as far FORWARD as possible- this eliminates a traffic jam at the front of the driveway or in the street
  • do NOT drop off in the CROSSWALK or 2nd Lane

Gaston Staff Shout Outs

I hear every day from family members how amazing the staff is at Gaston! If you would like to recognize a staff member, please fill out this form to let them know:

Gaston Staff Shout Out

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