E Cigarettes

Will the Regulatory Authorities Ponder over E Cigarettes’ Effectiveness?

As per my research, e cigarettes are a new option for nicotine replacement. These are now available at convenience stores and numerous other places. Well, at one time where business interests are rushing in to promote e cigarettes, at the same time, high authorities are putting on slew of restrictions over them. According to me, it is really surprising to realize the time, effort and resources spent by health authorities to regulate these devices. I guess, in most cases, their purpose is to restrict availability and accessibility of these devices to consumers. They are also trying to limit the number of products to the users. I guess the main reason for such regulation is the unknown long term effects of e cigarettes use. But recently, I found, numerous e cig shops and lounges selling them. And moreover, the lounges are offering luxurious facilitates to pamper customers. Well, these have really appealed me.

I understand that the goal of FDA and other health experts is to protect public health. Interestingly, discussion about the negative effects of these battery operated devices has almost overshadowed the discussions about the positive aspects of vaping. It looks to me like the government is not likely to research much about the beneficial aspects. I believe, several brands deliver the best electronic cigarette products to users. So, if the government takes some effective steps in pondering about these then it would be really helpful.

I truly believe the top regulatory authorities if ponder over the studies conducted so far can help not only users but also the shops in understanding about it in a detailed manner. From several electronic cigarette reviews website, I have found these devices to be useful.