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Foundations & Essentials Week 23, Challenge Week 11

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We know that we love homeschooling, but it is sure great to see it recognized in the public arena!

Maps That Prove You Don't Really Know Earth

End of Year Celebration

1. Sign up!!!

2. Bring something to celebrate your family's accomplishments for the year. A Trifold board, a binder, some pictures - whatever you'd like! There will be tables set up in the Foyer to put displays on.

3. INVITE your family, your friends, your pastor, the aunt that thinks homeschooling is crazy... :)

Standardized Testing for Everyone

Washington State Homeschooling Regulations require that students 8 and over do a standardized test each year (or other teacher evaluation).

Homeschool Testing Services (affiliated with CC) provides local testing opportunities. This is for any student - not just CC students. We have 3 testing centers in Thurston County this year - two with the Stanford-10 and one with the CTP4 (a new test you can read about on the website).

The three dates are May 10-11 (the CTP4), May 12-13 (Stanford), and May 23-24 (Stanford - this one is here at Westwood by our own Janice Uhlmeyer!!). Click HERE to choose your event from the calendar and register.

(OTE dates are Online Testing Events - TE is a onsite Testing Event)

Challenge Overview for Week 11

Challenge A
  • Develop their Affirmative/Negative/Information (ANI) Chart for "Crispin: Cross of Lead."
  • Continue to develop your ANI and research for the Apologetics paper.
  • Dont forget to review past maps - North America, South America, Europe... Maybe draw one of each of those this week.

Challenge B (Sorry - I was a week off last week!!)

  • Begin reading "Discovering Atomos" - an introduction to Chemistry. Do Lessons 1 and 2; complete all of the “At Home” exercises.
  • Point of View is the focus this week for your short story. Keep this idea in mind as you read the stories “The Hammer of God” & “The Tell-Tale Heart
  • Write opening statement for both the Prosecution and the Defense as you continue to prepare for Mock Trial. PRACTICE your roles

Challenge I

  • In Economics, students related terms studied in class this semester & determined a cause and effect relationship

  • Using Lost Tools of Writing, the class discussed "The Old Man and The Sea," by Earnest Hemmingway. This is a really great book!!!

  • In Science - Class discussed sound waves and played jeopardy with the vocabulary and concepts from the chapter

Challenge II

  • Read "Out of the Silent Planet" by C. S. Lewis. Prepare your composition using the following question: Is avoiding evil sufficient to make one virtuous or must virtue be an active choice?
  • Work on Gerunds in Latin
  • Work on Apologia Module 15.2, fruit classification. Take Exam.

Essentials: Week 23

Faces of HIstory is just around the corner! How can you generate excitement for your kids to particiapate?

Want to learn more about Verbals? This is a tough concept to wrap your head around... HERE is an additional resource to have a look from a different angle.

Foundations Week 22: Digging Deeper

Fact Monster on the Liberation of South America

Some types of clouds - great extra information!

How are you going to celebrate all you have accomplished this year? Next week is the last week!!!

Information Meetings

If you have a friend, family member, or maybe you just want a refresher, come to any of the Information Meetings scheduled for this semester:

All meetings are at 7pm at the West Side Panera. Contact your Director for more details and RSVP.

  • April 12
  • May 12
  • June 13
  • July 21

2016-2017 Director Team

Foundations & Essentials - Claudia Matthews

Challenge A - Renee-Michelle Kirk

Challenge B - Melissa Rubert

Challenge I - Ralph Dally

Challenge II - Cathy Barbuto

Challenge III - Open Position

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