The Crucible Playlist

Daniel Kahill

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Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne

Jealousy is a common theme throughout the play in the case of Abigail and Elizabeth. Abigail is determined to marry John but for this to happen Elizabeth must die. This song is about someone who doesn't like another persons girlfriend and wants to talk the girlfriends place, just like Abigail wants Elizabeth's place
Avril Lavigne-Girlfriend Lyrics

Again – Fetty Wap

As we read the play we can all tell that Abigail wants John back, she drinks a potion to kill his wife and accuses her of witchcraft. This song is about someone wanting someone again, in this case it’s Abigail wanting John again.
Fetty Wap - Again LYRICS

Buy Me a Boat - Chris Janson

Although the title does not sound like it has any relation to the crucible, the actual song makes me think of Reverend Parris. The song talks about how he isn't rich but he wants to be and this caused me to think of Reverend Parris complaining about his salary.
Chris Janson ~ "Buy Me A Boat" Lyrics

The Pina Colada Song - Rupert Holmes

This song reminds me of Elizabeth and John’s relationship. He has an affair with Abigail, but then comes back to his wife and realizes he made a mistake. In the song the man is looking for a new woman but ends up with his same old woman
Rupert Holmes - (Escape) The Pina Colada Song (Lyrics)

Heaven – Los Lonely Boys

“Save me from this prison

Lord, help me get away

'Cause only you can save me now

from this misery

I've been lost in my own place

and I'm getting' weary

How far is heaven?

And I know that I need to change

my ways of livin'

How far is heaven?

Lord, can you tell me?”

These lines are the first couple lines of the song and when I read these it sounds like one of the citizens of Salem asking God for help during the witch trials. They asked to be saved from the prison which is Salem, they ask for help to get away, which a Puritan might pray to help ask god do to get away from Salem. Then it says “…cause only you can save me now from this misery” and they are talking to the lord so that is something a puritan would definitely say.
Los Lonely Boys Heaven with lyrics

Kiss This – Aaron Tippin

This song makes me think of what Proctor would tell Abigail, to kiss his rear end goodbye. In the song it says the person was professing their never ending love, just like Abigail told John when she tried to get him back. Then the person who was professing their love got told to kiss the other person’s rear end, which is something I could picture John Proctor doing.
Kiss This-Aaron Tippin

Follow Me – Uncle Kracker

John decides to not admit to witchery knowing he will die. Elizabeth must be okay with his decision because she does not follow him to convince him otherwise.
Follow Me Uncle Kracker Lyrics.wmv

Simple Man – Lynard Skynard

This song makes me think of the speech that John Proctor would give his boys before he was hanged, basically teaching them to be simple, good men.

Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd (perfect lyrics)

Write This Down – George Strait

This song reminds me of what Abigail tells John when he says he can no longer be with her.

George Strait Write This Down with Lyrics

Am I the Only One – Dierks Bentley

The relation this song has with the play is that it reminds me of what reverend hale said when he was in the court as in “am I the only one who realizes this is crazy” then he quit the court.

Dierks Bentley - Am I The Only One (Lyrics)