Krum Middle School Band

2013-2014 Beginner Oboe

Now what?

Now that you know that your student will be learning oboe in the fall, you can begin taking the steps outlined in this flier. The oboe is a school-owned instrument. This means that you will rent the instrument from Crownover for the school year. The instrument rental fee is $100 for the entire school year (checks must be made out to Crownover Band). You will pay this fee at the start of the school year when these instruments are checked out. For now, you just need to obtain all of the necessary supplies listed below.

1) Visit one of the music stores listed at the bottom, and purchase the required instrument supplies:

  • Reed case
  • Silk swab
  • Cork grease
  • 3 Handcrafted Reeds purchased from KMS
  • Essential Elements 2000 books 1 for Oboe (Yellow Border)

2) Visit any school supplies store and obtain the following classroom materials:

  • 1.5 – 2 inch three ring binder with pockets for use in band class only
  • 5 Divider Tabs
  • 25 or more sheet protectors
  • Pencil pouch with 2 pencils and 3 different colored highlighters