ERMS Family Update


WIN Time

Our intervention time at ERMS is continuing to change to meet the needs of our students and staff. One change is moving the 30 minute time period from after second hour to after 5th hour. We will also be stressing to students what is an appropriate use of time if they are not requested to attend a session with a staff member. Below are approved choices that students should be engaging in.

Acceptable Choices include:

  1. Homework
  2. Test Preparation
  3. Silent Reading
  4. Khan Academy

This intervention period is a large undertaking for staff and there certainly is a learning curve for students. Being able to provide additional time and support for our students is a necessity, and WIN Time provides this opportunity.

Middle School Water Polo

Please see the attachment below for information regarding our middle school water polo program.

Winter II Athletes

Any Winter II athletic participants, PTP has been charged and is due by 2/3/2020. Please log into your Family Access account and then Fee Management to make sure you are up to date. Athletes will not be permitted to participate in events if their fees are unpaid. If you need to make other arrangements, please contact Mary Kosiorek in the Athletic office at

(616) 863-6140.

Thank you, East Rockford Middle School Athletic Department

8th-9th Grade Informational Meeting

There will be a 9th grade informational meeting for all 8th graders at the HS on February 6th at 6:30 PM. This will take place in the Auditorium.

Upcoming Events

February 4-Conferences 5:00-8:00

February 6-Conferences 3:30-6:30

February 14-Student Half Day

February 17-Mid-Winter Break