What Do They Look Like?

What are Ninjas?

Ninjas are covert agents of darkness that lived during feudal Japan. Their jobs included espionage, sabotage, infiltration, and assassination. Their covert methods of warfare were deemed dishonorable and disrespectful by Samurai.
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What do Ninjas Wear?

Ninjas are often thought to wear black clothes to help them in the shadows, but they often wore civilian clothes to hide in the crowd. People get the black clothing look from puppet handlers from the bunraku theater, they wore black clothes to give the look of an object moving on its own. Sometimes Ninjas would wear clothes similar to samurai but they would tuck in loose clothing and wear lighter armor.
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Here is What Wikipedia has to Say

Here is what wikipedia has to say.


Even though they carried short swords and daggers, the main weapon of a ninja is a ninja-to sword. Ninja to swords are around 540mm long! Often they would use a Ninja-to sword to stun the enemy by putting red pepper, dirt, or dust on the tip of the blade and then fling the dirt into the enemies eyes.

Ninjas carried a large range of darts, spikes, knives, and sharp star shaped discs called shuriken. Although not just ninjas carried these weapons they were a very important part of their arsenal. Sometimes they would use sharp gardening tools to claim (if they were caught) that they were his tools not weapons.

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Later in the 13th century handheld explosives such as grenades were added to the wide array of weapons to the ninjas collection. Ninjas often carried bombs that released poison or smoke to get away from a bad situation. Frag bombs filled with iron or pottery were often included as well.
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Ninjas were covert agents of darkness that lived in the feudal Japan times. Most people in now a days think that ninjas had these fancy black clothes but really they try to blend in to the people around them. Even though they carried short swords their main weapon was a Ninja to sword and shurikens. Some times they would carry garden tools and use them as weapons without drawing attention to themselves. So that is my presentation on Ninjas
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