Media Literacy

By Breanna


I do not know much about media literacy but from what I think then it is todays version of literature .Media has taken over much of the world which we live in today so it would only make sense that it is now how we learn .I believe it allows you to connect the two .It shows you how to fully understand what you’re listening to on TV, radio, and even in the papers. It is trying to get you to stay clear of what you think you need to believe and wants you to believe what you think is right. The whole idea is to take in what you see and question every aspect possible. What point is it trying to get across? Why is it trying to do that in that way? The whole idea I believe is to question the media. I was taught to always ignore the media but I see that’s what the wrong thing to do is. Do not ignore it but learn it and learn from it. Do not let it control you but take control of it. It helps expand your mind and I think that when you question everything then you become less judgmental. When you question something then you also are learning more about it and yourself. You learn about yourself because you learn what you believe is right and wrong. It helps rid of the ignorance that tends to be created by having certain things shoved down your throat your whole life.