Digital Day

Emily Verdi

Good Morning

6:30 am my alarm goes off on my IPhone. It goes off at that time every weekday why I am in school. Every morning the first thing I see or even touch is my phone. After I wake up I lay in bed and read anything I missed on twitter and instagram. After I wake up and get dressed, I go downstairs to eat and read anything else that is new on Facebook or any other social media.

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At school, I use many different things to get on technology. I use my laptop many times during the school day. In my at least 3 of my classes we have to have them. Everything is online. We get out homework on the classroom web page and then we use the online book to answer the question.

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During the day

When I'm at school I use my phone a lot. I use it more then my laptop. I text and use it to get to websites that are blocked by the school. The websites I use mostly are twitter and instagram. During school now, we can use our phones during passing period and in the hallway. This has made a lot of kids reach technology faster and more often. The other time I use my phone in the school day is to listen to music.

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Study Hall

In all of my classes, study hall is the one I am mostly connected to technology. When I am in this class I have to use my laptop do all my class work. I also check my phone for twitter and instagram. When I am in this class I have the chance to listen to music so I put my headphones in and listen to Red Hot Chili Peppers and Miley Cyrus. Why I am doing all this I also charge my phone so it does not die though the rest of the day.

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The only time I am never connect to the online world is when I'm at color guard practice. During this time I can get away from everything and excurse. In this era, most kids don't go outside and get away from technology. This is why kid obesity is very high. They stay inside and play games/eat. This is one of my favorite time of the day when I can just forget about twitter and have some fresh air.

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After the fresh air

After my long practice, I get in my car and go home. The minute I get home I make food and sit & check my twitter and instagram. It usually takes a long time because practice is from 3 hours to 12 hours. This is the last time I usually check twitter and instagram before I go to bed. The only other time I check my phone is when I need to respond to a text.

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The only silence

When do you just lay and hear nothing? Just silence? That time to me is when I finally get to lay in my bed before I go to sleep. This is the time of the day I can look back on my day and relax. No people, no music, no twitter/instagram, not anything. Everybody needs this time every day. I believe if you don't have time to yourself, you can't relax and doing something different in your life.

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What I have found about myself

Over the 24 hours I found out many different things about myself. I also knew that I use my phone and technology a lot. I knew I used twitter and texting a lot in my life but when I tracked it, it was just eye opening to realize how much I open my phone. If you think about it most kids use it a lot more then most kids. After this project I learned a lot about myself and others.