Campaign Design Activity

Gabino Garcia

Part one

Congressman Mac Thornberry

  • Republican
  • Amarillo, TX
  • 79101

Part Three

1. Plank:

Cutting spending is not enough; it must be accompanied by major structural reforms, increased productivity, use of technology, and long-term government downsizing that both reduce debt and deficits and ignite economic growth.”

Rationale: (why would the people in your district want this to happen?)

The city of Amarillo could use the extra money that is left around to help fund their school, and increase the use of technology in school, this will increase school productivity and in the long run schools will have higher graduation rate.

2. Plank:

We oppose retroactive taxation; and we condemn attempts by activist judges, at any level of government, to seize the power of the purse by ordering higher taxes. We oppose tax policies that divide Americans or promote class warfare.”


This is very helpful to those in the lower class because not taking the little money from them helps families to save money, spend it in the right way, and being able to provide for themselves and family.

3. Plank:

“The most effective forces in reducing crime and other social ills are strong families and caring communities supported by excellent law enforcement. Both reinforce constructive conduct and ethical standards by setting examples and providing safe havens from dangerous and destructive behaviors.”


This statement is saying that we need justice for all, safe neighborhoods and prison reform.


“College costs, however, are on an unsustainable trajectory, rising year by year far ahead of overall inflation. Nationwide, student loan debt now exceeds credit card debt, roughly $23,300 for each of the 35,000,000 debtors, taking years to pay off. Over 50 percent of recent college grads are unemployed or underemployed, working at jobs for which their expensive educations gave them no training. It is time to get back to basics and to higher education programs directly related to job opportunities.”


This quote is self explanatory, its basically saying that college is too expensive and since it’s so expensive graduates are putting themselves in so much debt especially those who cannot find a job.