Lins' Updates

Week of November 9th-13th

Veteran's Day Celebration & Open House

Monday's Veteran's Day celebration was a success! The students were very respectful at our assembly and participated in a beautiful whole-school song and also helped lead the school in singing the Star Spangled Banner! I also wanted to thank all of the parents and family who participated in Purdy Open house! I know the kiddos really loved having you here for the morning to get a taste of what their day is like, and eat lunch with them!

Reader's Workshop / Literacy

The student's have been working hard collecting data, reflecting, and taking pictures of some of their best work this quarter. We are putting together a newsletter-type presentation to share with parents and families at conferences. It is a challenge to really think hard and reflect on what we have learned and are proud of, while also thinking about things to focus on and improve for quarter two. It's great to see the students taking this project so seriously and really putting a lot of work into it!

Unit 3 is done! Grades coming soon!

Unit 3 wrapped up with week with a review a Unit 3 test on Thursday. Unit 4 is right around the corner-- goodbye polygons and geometry and on to division! Wish us luck!

In your child's mail this afternoon you will find the login code to Xtra math. This is a FREE online website that you child can access to practice their facts (I believe the app costs $5 if purchased for phones/ipads/tablets). Each student has a unique login code that will be on the sheet in their mail. Please let me know if you have any questions! Facts are an essential part of our math curriculum to any and all practice our students can get will help!

If you are looking for other math resources, our classroom uses another free program called Front Row which can be accessed at with your child's first and last name and the password: bd73en. This website is common core aligned and is great practice/extension of the topics we are learning in class. Please let me know if you need help or have questions about this website!

Writer's Workshop

This week the students were working really hard researching and adding details to their notes to help them write a persuasive letter to the class. Our focus is on making our classroom the best learning environment it can possibly be. The three main topics are being a role model, preventing and stopping bullying, and the positive effects of being physically active. This genre of writing is very difficult because we are not informing our readers of the topic by persuading them to follow our ideas. Drafting is underway and I'm seeing some really great ideas come out.


Parent Homework

Thank you to everyone who completed their "homework"! Your comments and feedback were very beneficial in helping me prepare a great conference for you! I appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete that for me -- I know life is hectic, so please know I am very thankful!!

Germ Patrol Needs Help!

Germ season is upon us -- Ok, we're in school, so germ season is always here :)-- but our classroom is trying our best to stay germ-free, and healthy! This includes hand-sanitizing before snack as well as keeping our hands clean after using tissues. We try hard to keep the desks, door handles, and tables wiped down to keep germs to a minimum! However, we are running low on Lysol/Clorox wipes! If anyone will willing to donate germ wipes or hand-santizer, we would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you!

Purdy Book Fair

The book fair will be running this week and part of next. This year it's located in a new location -- (right outside our classroom :)) in the IMC! Please make sure you take a second to stop by and take a look. There is also a classroom kiosk with paper slips like a "classroom wishlist" of books that we'd like to add to our classroom library!

Important Dates to Remember

Tuesday, November 17th -- Parent Teacher Conferences

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, November 25-26-27 -- NO SCHOOL! Happy Thanksgiving!!