Kindergarten Korner

November 28-December 2, 2016

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

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The BEST Fund-Raiser Ever...

Wendy's Nights for DHE! Our next Wendy's Night is THIS WEEK... Nov. 30th...

So, we get a night off from cooking, we drive through Wendy's, we hand them our little flyer associating us with Harrison, and huge proceeds come back to our students and staff at school! Last time, the amazing manager at Wendy's even used other customer's receipts to help boost our sales. How awesome. So, plan to get your Baconator on at the end of November to help raise easy funds for our kiddos! Thank you!

A Peek at our World...

This Week's Skills...

Sight Words: LOOK, AT

Shared Reading: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie... while exploring Needs & Wants

Writing: Sentences: I like _____ because _______... writing down our OPINIONS! We'll tie this into writing about wants and needs.

Math: Number sense up to 20; Begin addition...

PLEASE help your child learn how to log on to Lexia by practicing at home, and by completing 30-60 min. each week on Lexia at home. :-) THANK YOU!


There are already some items taking up residence on our Lost and Found Wall, located between the front office and the cafeteria. Please check it out!

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P.T.A Announcements

  • P.T.A. is looking for those proud parent photos from school events. Please send all photos to
  • We are still looking for you to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, but become a member of the PTA. For $6 per person or $20 per business, your membership makes a difference in your child’s life. We know you are busy with no time to spare and that’s ok—just support DHE with your membership.
  • We Collect . . . Box Tops, Pop Tabs, Campbell’s Soup labels, Best Choice labels, and used ink cartridges.


Soon we will begin using apps or our Canvas website to access these incredible learning tools... Your child can log on at home as well!!!

If you see your child struggling with letter recognition, letter sounds, sight words, LEXIA will help boost their skills QUICKLY. The program is fantastic and really does help students learn to read. Dreambox too, will take your child where they're at, and move them along at their own pace as they explore numbers, math, problem solving, etc! I can't express enough how just 15 min. a night on one or the other, at home, could help boost your child's knowledge and therefore, confidence. :-) Thank you!

Please sign up for "Remind" texts!!!

To sign up for 2016 notifications, please join Kinder Camp 16-17 on the Remind app!

Here's the link:

Doing so will allow you to get a TEXT from me with very important reminders when necessary. :-) The app will tell me if/when you sign up. It is a 1-way conversation (you can't text back but you can receive reminders from me.)