Mole Project

Chem PSP. R2. Grace Munson

Senior Guaca-Moley

Senior Guaca-Moley is my more dedicated to the compound C18H34O2, or Oleic Acid. Oleic Acid is the major fatty acid found in Avocados, along with many other fruits and veggies. With a molar mass of 282.4614 g/mol

  • and a formula of C18H34O2 Oleic Acid is colorless and tasteless Omega - 9 fatty acid. Oleic Acid was discovered in 1846 and makes up around 50% of the oils in an avocado, as well as in peanuts and various other fatty substances. Oleic Acid reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, however is often seen in combination with HCL ( the "bad" kind of cholesterol.)