Japan Interesting Facts

By Jared Pietila

The Karuizawa Resort

The Karuizawa Resort is a popular resort with young adults. The resort includes pools, spas, and dining.

The Shiretoko Peninsula

The Shiretoko Peninsula became a UNESCO world Heritage Sire in 2005 because of its stunning lakeside views.

The Kujukuri Fishing Port

The Kujukuri Fishing Port is a 66-kilometer long beach that has no reefs, so you can swim, boat, and fish in it without the risk of getting cut by coral!

The Naeba Ski Resort

The Naeba Ski Resort is a popular tourist spot for families who like to ski.

The Osaka American Village

The Osaka American Village has the largest shopping center in the city of Osaka. It includes many trendy shops and boutiques.

Eating Seaweed

Many Japanese restaurants include seaweed on their menus. All the different types of Seaweed are Kombu (often eaten with soup) Wakame (also eaten with soup) and Nori (eaten with rice or sushi)

Sakura Trees

Sakura trees blossom bright, pink-and-red-mixed colors around this time of year. They are often viewed as Japan's most beautiful plant.

Japan's Shopping

Japan is a great country to shop at. They have everything from electronics, to traditional souvenir stores, to local food shops.

Japan's Railways

Trains were voted the best transportation in Japan. They are relied on every day by Japanese citizens to go from city to city.

Lake Toya

Lake Toya is part of a National Park with a natural hot spring and an active volcano (Mount Usu) which last erupted in 2000