Important Dates

March 7 – letter to parents – it will reference the website to review electives

March 7 – 14 – parents able to review electives online via WCPSS website

March 21 – Academic registration cards (green sheets) in school

March 21 – April 22 – students make selective selections on PowerSchool

March 21 – April 22 – teachers complete academic registration cards

By April 22 – elective course verification sheet can be printed, reviewed by parents, signed and returned to school

May 2 – 9 – Elementary schools will send information to middle schools


**Electives will be chosen on PowerSchool by the STUDENT at school**
  • Enrollment period : March 21 - April 22, 2016
  • This will need to be done with either the principal, data manager, teacher, and/or school counselor.
  • A verification of electives will be printed and sent with Green Sheets to Middle School


>> Green Sheets are the same as always -- Teachers/LEP/IEP fill out suggestions

>> Send home to parents to sign the suggestions

PowerSchool for Students

  • I will need their usernames and passwords from Data Manager/Teacher

  • My plan is to have them log into their PowerSchool Account in the beginning of March during classroom guidance lesson to teach them how to do this and make the process easier when it comes time to register

**February 16, 2016 the Middle School Assignment will show up on student PowerSchool**

  • Once we know the school assignment-- Middle School Counselors will provide a list of electives available for 6th grade students

Middle School Elective Registration Night

**BRAINSTORM** How can we get this done quickly, efficiently, and on time with no delay or loss of Green Sheet or Verification Form?

  • Maybe having an event for doing this due to the lack of resources at home for the students.

>> We can review with the parents & students of options for electives available for 6th grade. <<

>> OPTIONS: we can do one for each school<<



Carroll Middle School's Counselor has offered to come to our school and speak to our 5th graders about the transition to middle school!

>> We need to come up with a time that works best for us! <<

**I have requested that she bring students who have graduated from Green Elementary to really talk about the changes that the students go through **

Next steps:

Where do we go from here?

>> When should we start to log the students into PowerSchool?

>> Is there a night that we have open that we could plan a registration night?

>> When is a good time for Carroll's Counselor & Students to come?

>> How can we best prepare students for this transition?

>> Create a Middle School Timeline Plan?