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April 21, 2015

Digital Learning Spotlight - Authentic Student Tasks and Products

TEKS: 5.9 Students read independently for sustained periods of time and produce evidence of their reading. Students are expected to read independently for a sustained period of time and summarize or paraphrase what the reading was about, maintaining meaning and logical order.

Students at Jack C. Binion Elementary are creating and producing learning resources for others using iPads. To show evidence of their reading, Inia Umpierre’s fifth grade students used iMovie to create book trailers that summarize books for others. Students worked with a partner to design a storyboard and collect images and videos to support their projects. In the iMovie app, students selected a theme and were guided through the process of creating their trailers. Completed projects were saved to the iPad camera roll and then uploaded to a class Dropbox. A QR code was created for each movie and then printed and displayed on the class "Readbox" board, with book covers designed by students.

The book trailer project was rigorous but fun for the students and kept them engaged throughout the process. They want to continue building their “Readbox” for the remainder of the six weeks and writing reviews for their library books.

Two student examples (just close the Dropbox window pop-up and then click the play button to watch the trailers):

Skelton Creek by: Patrick Carman

Wonder by: R. J. Palacio

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Digital Learning Spring Conference

It's not too late to sign up for sessions and join us this Saturday for our Spring Digital Learning Conference. There are sessions for all content areas and grade levels. Visit the Digital Learning website to review session offerings and sign up.

In addition to learning with your BISD colleagues, you will have an opportunity to win vendor door prizes such as luggage, iTunes gift cards, and baskets with an assortment of prizes. The Digital Learning team will be giving away class sets of iPads! You must be present to win!

We hope to see you on Saturday!

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Tonight at 8 PM: Join us as we continue our discussions about the importance of being Creators and Producers.

1. Share some examples of one or more things your students have created and/or produced in the past week.

2. How are you encouraging your colleagues to move their students to become creators and producers?

3. What are you doing to become a creator and producer?




The best educators continuously seek out new learning opportunities to hone their craft and remain on the cutting edge of their field. Lifelong learners are leaders.

"Lifelong learning is an essential challenge for inventing the future of our societies; it is a necessity rather than a luxury to be considered … It is a mindset and a habit for people to acquire. It creates the challenge to understand, explore, and support new essential dimensions of learning such as: (1) self-directed learning, (2) learning on demand, (3) informal learning, and (4) collaborative and organizational learning.” Gerhard Fischer explains that lifelong learning “requires progress and an integration of new theories, innovative systems, practices, and assessment. For teachers, putting in this kind of lifelong work will help better amplify their capabilities, collaborate with colleagues, and transform in turn the way their students navigate the world." - Gerhard Fischer

Some opportunities to exercise a Mindset of Lifelong Learning:

  • self-directed reading, internet research, online learning classes
  • face-to-face classes
  • mentoring and coaching
  • collaborative learning, PLCs
Beginning this week, watch for the Digital Learning MINDSET OF LIFELONG LEARNING section of our newsletter where we will feature specific articles, videos, and resources. Join us to become a culture with a "Lifelong Learning Mindset."

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